Assets Server not able to connect.

I’m trying to setup a Assets server. Yesterday I could log on from the local computer connecting to localhost, but today I can’t even do that. I get the error message "Could not log in to localhost. Could not connect to server:connection refused(0x0000274D/10061). Is the server running on host “localhost” and accepting tcp/ip connections on port 10733?

I’m running windows 8 and have ported the 10733 port as well as disabled the most part of the firewall on my router(which should not affect the local login but anyway).

Advice please!

EDIT: I have reinstalled it several times and I have searched trough the answer forum for an answer and I have tried all the solutions I’ve found so far but none of them work!

Same problem,Try doesnt use cache server (Edit > preferences > cache server)

Sorry for my bad english

I was able to connect before and then after I restarted it, it failed to connect. After reading this and coming back to the shell window it says now “cache server is now ready” and I am now able to connect in unity. On huge projects it can take a few minutes to start. So I’ve found…