Assets Store - Can not create a publisher account!

When I go to this page: Unity ID
And I fill out all the fields and images

And I click “Save New Publisher”, and accept the Terms of Service, and nothing happens.
I waited a couple of days and tried again but the same happens… I check my email and the spam folder and there is nothing in there…

What am I doing wrong?

You did nothing wrong.

Once you hit save, the page should automatically refresh and you’ll be lead to the control panel.

Try going to this page:

You should be able to access all the tools you need once you register. No email confirmations are needed.

If you still can’t access that page, there might be something wrong with your cookies. Try delete your cookies for Unity sites and register again. If even that doesn’t work, then it’s a server error for your location.

me too i have your problem

I met the same problem, I click the save, the page stay there and no autoatically refresh.