assign a gameobject through script

if you have a gameobject that is part of a model , like a turret on a tank , how do i

GameObject m_turret = find(“turret”);

i want to do it via code and not drag and drop through the inspector

Find works by looking for the objects in the hierarchy by name:

  GameObject myObject =  GameObject.Find("ObjectName");
  GameObject myObject = GameObject.Find("ObjectName/ObjectChild");

It is probably better to define it and use it in the Start function, something like:

	void Start ()
		GameObject myObject1 =  GameObject.Find("ObjectName");
		GameObject myObject2 = gameObject.transform.GetChild(0).gameObject;
		GameObject myObject3 = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("GameObject Tag").gameObject;

Assuming that the turret is a child of the tank the second way can return a child based on the index number in GetChild(int)