Assign a model to a GameObject in code? (C#)

I have an array of gameobjects and I want to give the same model to each of the gameobjects. I know how to use the foreach loop but I dont know how to actually assign a model I have in my assets to a gameobject in C#.

Something like this.

foreach(GameObject go in Cars)
     go.model =  "Assets/carModel"

I know thats wrong but I want to give you an idea of what im trying to do here.

Try this:

Mesh carMesh = Resources.Load("carModel", Mesh);

foreach(GameObject go in Cars) {
    go.GetComponent<MeshFilter>().mesh = carMesh;

Assumes carModel is a mesh saved in your project’s resources folder.

If you build your project and lok at the build directory, you will notice that it will look nothing like how your project looks inside the UnityEditor. When assembling a build, all files, including models and scripts, get encoded and are NOT easily accessible. That would require some serious reverse engineering, if it’s possible at all.