Assign GUITexture in scene to variable via scripting?

Ok guys what am I doing wrong here? And what am I suppose to do?

Since I have over 60 levels so far where I need to drag and drop 3 in-scene gameobjects, two being textures and one being a gameobject, its gonna be a real bother doing it in each level with drag and drop. So how do I assign them with a script at start?

Here’s one of them, and the way I tried but nothing happened:

var fuelMeter : GUITexture;

function Start()
	fuelMeter = GameObject.Find("FuelMeter/Fuel").GetComponent(GUITexture);

So the question is, how do I, by name, assign the GUITexture called Fuel, which is a child of FuelMeter, to the variable fuelMeter which is a GUITexture?

How about:

var fuelMeter : GUITexture;
function Start() {
	var go = GameObject.Find("FuelMeter");  // Find the parent game object
	var fuel = go.transform.Find("Fuel");   // Get the transform of the child
	fuelMeter = fuel.guiTexture;            // Get the guiTexture from child