assign ui panel to a prefab object ?

i have a ball object that keeps spawning , and when a player loses the game displays a game over panel ,
the problem here is that i couldn’t assign the panel to the ball (ball prefab) , so how do i make it possible ?
ps : the ball spawn endlessly , i tested the panel without making the ball a prefab and it worked just fine but the ball spawns just once
and when i made the ball a prefab the panel wouldn’t show when the player loses

You need to fire an event if the player loses. Then have the ui panel listen for that event and if triggered show the panel.

Edit: just to clarify, a prefab is loaded while the ui panel is on scene. Therefore you cant hold a reference to the panel if you instantiate the ball. You could findobjectpftype or do something but that would be some hacky way of doing it. I would go with a manager or a message broadcast to keep things object oriented and not stitched together.

The easiest way would be to find the panel in the start function of your ball prefab, though it is not the best way there are many other ways to do it, but for you it will work. let me write some code snippet for you:

this script should be on your ball prefab “ball_script.cs”, inside this script write this code:

public GameObject GameOverPanel;

void Start()
      GameOverPanel = GameObject.Find("YourPanelName");