assign waypointcircuit to waypointprogresstracker at runtime


I’m trying to set up various waypointcircuits in an open world but cannot figure out how to dynamically assign waypointcircuits to the NPC’s waypointprogresstracker at runtime. I’m using the standard assets for cars but am having a heck of a time trying to assign a circuit attached to different gameobjects. It seems that the waypointcircuit component is not accessible from other gameobjects and I can’t figure out how to fetch it from the progress tracker or make a script to connect the two. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It didn’t do exactly what I wanted but I learned about root, getcomponentinparent, and getcomponentinchild and that helped a lot. I decided to manually set up different routes in my large map for individual races so dynamically doing it was no longer an issue.