Assigning a GameObject Script Variable Before Start is Called

I have a non-monobehaviour class named Tile that instantiates a gameObject from a prefab in its constructor, and the instantiated gameObject needs to know about the existence of the specific Tile ideally before Start is run.
In order to achieve this, I have made a monobehaviour class TileRef that has a reference to a tile as a public variable, and I placed it on the prefab. How can I make sure there is a reference in the TileRef.Tile variable before Start runs, or are there better/cleaner ways of implementing this?
I should also mention that I have tried both setting the variable in the prefab and setting the prefab to disabled before instantiating it, neither of which seemed to work( I found this solution in another pretty old Ask Unity post).

GameObject go = Instantiate( yourPrefab );
// do stuff

// The Start() callback now knows all you did before.
go.SetActive ( true );
yourPrefab.gameObject.SetActive( true );