Assigning Prerendered lightmaps to meshes

I have a level made in 3ds max with non overlapping UV2 coordinates for the lightmap. I have rendered a lightmap for the area using Mentalray. Now in unity 3, it says the lightmap shader is legacy and the lightmap display looks very buggy. So how do you go about assigning a high quality lightmap if the shader is discontinued? I sorta get it to display if I go into the beast lightmapper and press “bake”, but that also messes up my UV’s…

First go to the Lightmap menu under maps, the set the array size to a higher number for example 4, if you have 4 lightmaps.

Second select the mesh inside the scene you want to apply your lightmap with the selected mesh go to the lightmap menu and select object. Set the lightmapping index for example
to 3. Then go to the maps menu also in the lightmapping menu and drag and drop the prebaked lightmaps into slot 3.

The lightmap now should have an effect on your shading. Regardless if there is a second UV channel.