Assigning uv's to multiple faces

Hi, I’m having trouble assigning a texture to every face of a mesh. Here, you can see in my game, the the first face is perfectly fine, but the second face is inverted. As you can see here:

However, I want all faces to have the same uv coordinates, but I’m confused how one vertex can have different values (since each vertex has a uv coordinate)

Here is how I’m assigning the faces

		for(int i = 0; i < topUvs.Length; i++){
			if(select == 4){ select = 0; }
				case 0: topUvs *= new Vector2(0, 50); break;*

_ case 1: topUvs = new Vector2(0, 0); break;_
_ case 2: topUvs = new Vector2(1, 50); break;
case 3: topUvs = new Vector2(1, 0); break;
* }
select += 1;

This is what I want to happen

How would i do this?

Simply put, one vertice in Unity cannot(not sure)/does not contain multiple uv data. An example of this is that a primitive cube uses 24 vertices (4 for each face) instead of just 8.

Have you tried to set (in your second image) vertice #5 uv to [2,1] and #6 to [2,0]? Haven’t tested this yet but depending on the shader I think this might work (I suppose texture’s wrapmode has to be ‘repeat’).

A thing that I know would work for sure is simply setting it to range from 0 to 1 (with 0.5 being halfway abviously) and then setting the material’s tiling to x=2 for instance.