Assigning wheel collider of a spawned car to variable using script

Hello, I’m working on a network multiplayer car game. I want to stop the car after the car reaches a deadline. For that I’m checking if the wheel collider hits the plane used for the deadline. Now since I’m using spawning, a clone car comes into the scene whenever I start a new server or connect to the existing one. How can i assign the wheel collider to the variable using script?

here’s the code that i’m using to check if the race is finished:

var pastTime : float;
    var myWC : WheelCollider;
    private var isFinished : boolean = false;
    var guiTime : GUIText;
    function Update () {
    var hit : WheelHit;
    if(myWC.GetGroundHit(hit)) {
     if(hit.collider.gameObject.tag == "finish")  {
      isFinished = true;
    if(!isFinished) {
     pastTime += Time.deltaTime;
    guiTime.text = pastTime.ToString();

I found the answer, just incase anybody comes across the same issue, here’s the soultion

var myWC : WheelCollider;
    function Start() {
      myWC = transform.Find("/car1(Clone)/WheelCOlliders/ColliderFR").collider as WheelCollider;