Astar Pathfinding and Buildings

I have multiple buildings in my scene that have an open doorway (essentially just a hole in the middle of the mesh) on one side of the building. Each side of the building is assigned to the “Obstacle” layer which is set to the mask in the collision testing. As a result a* adds a “no walk” area along the entire mesh including the open doorway. I have tried using a point graph that has a point outside to inside the building along with a grid but the AI seems to completely ignore the point graph.

Here is a screenshot of the pathfinding. Basically how would I get the path to go through the door?

Pathfinding Image


What you need to do is go to the inspector where you have the grid set up and set the Ray Length. it is set to 100 as default but for mine i set it to 3 and that worked. if you have multiple stories in your buildings just create another grid and set the ray to the appropriate height on that one also. when you have the second floor done simply click the [21977-screen+shot+2014-02-10+at+19.40.55+(2).png|21977]