Asynchronous Level Load Progress on iPhone

Can anyone post some demo code of a working asynchronous level load function? I seem to only get one number or nothing at all when I print the progress to the screen. Then it either sits at that number until it completes or jumps to the next scene without any numbers at all.

BTW I do have the pro version.

Try this class I made for you
Just have you GUI read from the progress float.
You’ll also need to Call loadLevel() when you want to load, and startLevel() when you ready to start the level

public class LoadMe : MonoBehaviour {

	public string targetLevel;
	public float progress = 0;
	private bool _levelIsLoading;
	public bool levelIsLoading{
		get{ return _levelIsLoading;}	
	private AsyncOperation async;
	public void loadLevel(){
		_levelIsLoading = true;
		async = Application.LoadLevelAsync(targetLevel);
		async.allowSceneActivation = false;
	private void Update(){
			progress = async.progress;	
	public void startLevel(){
		async.allowSceneActivation = true;