ATI EyeFinity and Unity?

Hi all,

Is it possible to intergrate ATI's EyeFinity in Unity3d, either using an plugin via the AMD Display Linrary (ADL), another method.


ATI EyeFinity

I've just done this using an ATI 5970 and Eyefinity and a normal Unity project (Using the prefab First Person Controller from Standard Assets).

The trick with Eyefinity is to set up the displays as a "Display Group". There's a tutorial here:

Once you've got that, Unity will recognise whatever resolution your Display Group is (eg 3x2 HD monitors will appear as 5760 x 2160) and it will be able to display in that resolution in full screen, treating it as if it was a single monitor.

I don't agree that it's not possible. You could write a plugin where 3 cameras are oriented in 3 different directions, let's say 30 degrees each, and open 3 application windows (I think this is possible in Unity) and this way use 3 monitors.

Unity itself does not support multiple displays as it stands right now, and I don't know of any script or plugin that enables that. You could try writing a low-level plugin for Unity (you must have Unity Pro), but even then I'm not sure if it's possible. The idea has been discussed before, and as far as I know, I don't think it's currently possible with Unity.

Maybe when Unity 3 comes out it will have support for multiple displays, who knows. I'm just speculating, though, I really don't know.

To my knowledge, both ATI EyeFinity and Nvidia Surround re-introduce the Horizontal Spanning mode (=wide desktops), which got lost since Win Vista, as a "this is a brand new feature, buy our updated products!". Since they simply tell the OS "your desktop is now three times as wide as with just one monitor", Unity should not have any problems at all to open a fullscreen window with the wide desktop resolution, and within that window you can either render a single camera, or three side-by-side viewports to have distinct views on each of your three attached displays.

If you have no interest in buying additional cards to be able to connect 3 displays, simply buy yourself a TripleHead2Go instead (which will of course have less performance, since then you only have a single graphics card)