Atlased Sprites are all purple in editor, fine in play mode


I have a bunch of sprite atlases that I have been working with in 5.1.1 for iOS, with no issues until I switched projects. When I came back, all my sprites were purple in the scene view and in the sprite editor. The funny thing is, they still look fine in play mode. They also look fine in the sprite packer. Restarting Unity and reimporting the sprites does not help. Any ideas on how I can restore them so that I can edit my scene?

Edit: As a test, I updated my version of unity to the latest (5.2.1) but unfortunately that didn’t resolve my issue.


It appears to have been a memory issue. My sprite sheet was 8192 pixels wide and I guess even though they are packed into two 2048x2048 atlas pages it was too large to be displayed. After changing the max size in the importer to 4096, I can see my sprites normally in the editor. Not sure why it was working in the first place though…