atmsperic sounds

i have some sounds like wind and birds but i want them to play after a sertain time like the wind plays and then 5 seconds later the bird plays i know how to get the audio to play with play one shot but i dont know how to play a sound and then wait and then play another sound. can anybody help me or link me to a tutorial.

thank you

A. Make a script with a public Audio Clip Array. Attach it to an object with an AudioSource.

public AudioClip[] clips;

B. In Start, call a coroutine

void Start() {
    StartCoroutine( Run() );

C. Create the Run coroutine to “handle the business”

IEnumerator Run() {
	while( true ) {
		// Get a random clip from the array
		AudioClip clip = clips[Random.Range(0,clips.Length)];

		// Assign the random clip to our audio source
		audio.clip = clip;

		// Wait a random number of seconds (5-20), and go again
		yield return new WaitForSeconds( clip.length + Random.Range( 5, 20 ) );