Attach a camera to a bone in a model

Ok so what I am trying to do is crate a camera in code by using this

var myCam : Camera;

Then attaching it to the transform bone like this

var myCam : Camera;
var head : Transform;

public var model : GameObject;

function Start () {
     model = GameObject.Find("usmarine_anim_Unity3D");
     myCam = gameObject.AddComponent(Camera);
     myCam.transform.position = head.transform.position;
     myCam.transform.parent = head.transform;


But what happens is the camera is always at the guys feet not at his head where the cam harness is. Should I try to attach it directly to the head bone in the 3ds max biped skeleton system?

Thanks for any help with this

Why can’t you just add the camera manually in the editor as a child of the head?