attach Animation PlayableAsset to TimelineClip

I’m trying to make Editor script that create Timeline and it’s clip from _selected_gameObjects

so I wrote something like this:

GameObject TimelineMaster = new GameObject("TimelineMaster");
PlayableDirector director = TimelineMaster.AddComponent<PlayableDirector>();
TimelineAsset timeline = ScriptableObject.CreateInstance<TimelineAsset>();

foreach( GameObject i in _selected_gameObjects)
	AnimationTrack newTrack = timeline.CreateTrack<AnimationTrack>(null, "");
	TimelineClip current_clip = newTrack.CreateDefaultClip();
	// NOW I AM CONFUSED TO CONNECT current_clip AND animationClip

it wont attach animation clip automatically to the playableAsset, [image below]
and as far as I tried I don’t see reference to access that, what do I miss, or am I doing it wrong ?

Any help would be appreciated , thanks

var animAsset = (AnimationPlayableAsset) current_Clip.asset;
animAsset.clip = animClipToAssign;