Attach collider to bone, how to?

Can someone explain to me how to do this so that my collider can move with my axe? The axe is linked to my chars hand, so I thought that the hand bone would do it, but I don’t know how to attach them.


By “linked to char’s hand” do you mean the axe has a bone? Or do you man the axe is a separate object with the hand as a parent? Or is there a hand-bone and the axe is more verts in the envelope of the hand bone? I’m going to assume the axe is part of the mesh (which is an uncommon solution – can’t switch weapons.)

Select the bone, in your case, the bone for the axe, or hand. You’ll see it counts as a Transform. Click “Component” on top, select the collider you want and shape it however.

If the mesh belonging to the bone is some odd angle (like the hand bone goes one way, but the axe verts run diagonal off of it) you’ll need one more trick. You can slide colliders, but can’t rotate them. In that case, make an empty child of that bone (maybe call it “axe collider”,) and attach the collider to that. You can rotate the collider by rotating that empty.

@Owen Reynolds thanks, +1 for the answer, it worked great for me!

you might try attaching the capsule collider to a bone in your mesh ! please how can i do that :frowning: ?