Attach to process never shows my device

I’ve followed the steps outlined at

I become blocked on the final step to attach to the process, because all I see in the modal is the option to connect to unity. I’ve properly setup the tcpip connection and the device shows up when I use adb devices.

Development Build and Script debugging are enabled for my builds. I’ve tried restarting my machine, the device, switching from MTP to PTP, different wifi networks and absolutely nothing helps. I am on mac osx, trying to connect to a samsung s6, using unity 5.3.2p4 and monodevelop 5.9.6.

How is it possible for adb to see the device but unity cannot? This has eaten my entire day and is very frustrating…

I know this is old, but I had to spend some time debugging on a android tablet, and read through a whole bunch of these posts no to avail.
I finally got it going, just sharing in case it helps someone!

The usual stuff, follow the steps here:

Make sure to disable your whatever antivirus you are using, in my case it was Window Defender, (or disable your firewall temporarily if it still gives you trouble.)

Next, run your app on your device/tablet. Then, in the last step where it says to use attach to process - NO, don’t do that! (I’m using Visual Studio 2015 btw.)

Instead, in the Debug menu dropdown, choose “Attach Unity Debugger”.

Here is a picture:


In the next window, I found my samsung tablet ready for attaching. I was able to step into my C# classes and debug.


Hopefully that helps someone out there!