Attach to Process shows nothing

Hi, I’m trying to get the debugger working on Monodev. However, when I sync with monodev, nothing appears in the IDE. When I go to attach a process, there is no process in the Attach Process dialog box. This may be a stupid question but I am terrible at diagnosing technical problems that are not related to my code.

If I get you correctly, you are just clicking sync and then looking in your IDE.

I successfully used Mododev for debugging in Unity in the past, but it was quite a while ago, and I’m afraid I cannot remember much. However, I do know that “Syncing” actually just creates an SLN file which needs to be opened by MonoDevlop. I believe that is created somewhere in the project folder. After you open the sln file in Unity’s MonoDevelop build, you should be able to run the program. Doing this will open a second copy of Unity. From this second copy, you can run your program.

I believe that in the monodevelop IDE you can edit the source files you created and place functional breakpoints that occur during Unity runtime if that makes sense.