Attaching a animation to a object.

I need help with attaching a animation to a object. I would really like it if someone were to either explain in high detail (keep in mind I’m new at this), or link me to a video for Unity 5 of how to do it. If you need more information on my problem just ask. Thank you in advance.

I imagine you mean mekanim? I really like the live training videos. They usually go quite in depth. Here is one on mekanim animation:

There are also some tutorials in the Learn section on the website. Hope this is what you were looking for :slight_smile:

In short: Click the object, click animation window, click the little drop down area, save .anim, add key frame, move playhead on it, do something (like rotate), click play to preview. You now have an animation. The rest is up to the state-machine, explained in the video :slight_smile: