Attaching a script to Variable

Hello, i’m having a problem here i don’t actually know if this is possible in unity 3d yet or i’m just been dumb, i see myself as a pretty good programmer, but this one thing is annoying the crap out of me. so… is there a way to attach a script from the project view to a script in the inspector. so i’m able to access the variables and functions and not have to attach the script to a gameobject or make the variables i need static… i know there is the GetComponent but that only works if its attached to an object in the scene. please help.


If I’m not mistaken you can’t do this.
If you could add a public property to your script with System.Type type you could assign a class to it. But unfortunately such property is not show in the inspector.

You will have to add it to some GameObject in the scene and add a proerty to the first mentioned script:

public MyBehavior Behavior;

So you could reference its static methods/properties since you know the type.