Attaching and accessing properties of instantiated objects

I have created a canister prefab and attached a script (CanProperties) that contains some public variables. I use the prefab to create many canisters during run-time.

I want to assign specific values to the variables when the game objects are instantiated. My non-functional code looks like this:

canObj = Instantiate(canMaster, canPos, transform.rotation) as GameObject;
canObj.GetComponent("CanProperties").id = "Scooter";

I have a main script (C#) attached to my FPC which handles all the actions the player can do. It is here that I want to access the assigned values. My non-functional code looks like this:

go = GameObject.Find("Canister_01");
goScript = (CanProperties) go.GetComponent(typeOf(CanProperties));
someId =;

I am very new to Unity and would appreciate any suggestions. Any response needs to be very explicit. Thanks in advance

Unity appends "(Clone)" to the name of instantiated objects, unless you rename them otherwise after instantiation. So `GameObject.Find("Canister_01")` probably isn't returning anything.