Attack on Titan Multiplayer Problem

I’ve been trying to connect with other people in the Attack on Titan Tribute Game by Feng Li. I’ve downloaded the latest unity mini web player, but on the upper left screen it says:
Done Testing
Limited NAT Punchthrough capabilities.
Cannot connect to all types of NAT servers.
Running a server is ill advised as not everyone can connect.

I cant create a server or connect to any. It alwys says Connection Failed and when I click on a server the game freezes.
Im using a Mac and Google Chrome as browser.
Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance!

It means that you cant make or join a server because they have something to update of it or just shut it down for a few weeks … You can Join a server on a hamachi :smiley:
If they will not update the server problem then what’s the purpose of that button ?
Hope you know now :))))) Just Play it on LAN with your friends on a same router , how ??
Create a server and turn off the public server then choose a map then start game … your friends have to connect in private server and put the ip address of ur pc !

Hi, i download this attack on titan game afew days ago and it work properly but when i join in the server it tells me to press 1 to start game and i press 1 and it didnt work. why?