Attempting to rotate entire upper body rig [Blender to Unity]

I’m trying to rotate the upper body of this rig without messing up the arms or the IK.

alt text

I’m not sure how to do this in Blender.

I can show what I’m trying to achieve by using Unity, which is what the model and animations will be for.

alt text

When I rotate the “chest” bone in Unity, the rest of the upper body rotates with it perfectly, I’m trying to do this in Blender, so I can animate 8 directional movement.

If I need to post the .blend file, I can.

I know this isn’t he best place to post this, but I really have tried everywhere else.

Help would be lovely.

I can’t quite see the blender rig in the pic but you’ll want to rotate the bone that the upper body of the rig is parented to. From the pic in Unity it looks like the bone you’re looking for is the chest bone. Rotating it in world space should get you the same effect shown in Unity so long as the mesh has a skin weight map attached to the armature.