Attribute inheritance problem when using Instantiate

Ive got a prefab (a space ship) occasionally Instantiating another of the same kind of prefab (another space ship) from within the instantiator's script. When I do this the new ship that's spawned does not inherit all of the attributes that I assigned in the editor for prefabs of this type, but the attributes of the ship that spawned it. Is there a simple way to tell it to not adopt all of the attributes of its instantiator or must I reasign the variables one-by-one after I've instantiated it.

Also, the variable that's being pointed to Instantiate to tell it what prefab to instantiate was set in the editor and is a reference to the prefab. I'm not (at least knowingly) pointing Instantiate to the transform of the object that's doing the instantiating.

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First of all, it's not an attribute. At least in C# an attribute is a special class that can be attached to another class. See Attribute. You talk about member variables of your class.

Anyway, this behaviour is a bit hard to understand. I don't will go into detail now. Fact is if you have a prefab with a script that holds a reference to itself, this reference will be replaced with your object instance at creation time. Just avoid self-pointing references. Use eg. a singleton manager for the reference.

More details on this issue in the Unity Forum

Here a singleton manager example in JS (i don't use JS but i've writting this already for somebody else ;) )

// The simplest singleton without checking
// scriptfile is named: "PrefabManager"

static var manager : PrefabManager = null;

var spaceShipPrefab : GameObject;

function Awake() {
    manager = this;

Place this script on an empty GameObject and assign your prefabs to your public variables.

In any other script (even in a script on your spaceship) you can do:


to create a new instance.