Attributes (Tooltip, Range ...) for [SerializedField] Autoproperty


I was looking for applying a [Tooltip(" ")] attribute to my fields when I bumped on my Autoproperty:

public float MouseSensitivity { get; private set; }

And I found that trying to attach further attributes it gives me the error:

CS0592 : Attribute ‘Tooltip’ is not valid on this declaration type. It is only valid on ‘field’ declarations.

As the error cleary state: “it’s valid only on fields declarations” but is there some work around ?
I mean, I found that lots of answers are pointing to a custom inspector but I was looking for some shortcuts.

Thank you

Something like this?

[SerializeField, Tooltip("")] private float mouseSensitivity;
public float MouseSensitivity => mouseSensitivity;