Audio and Coroutine questions

I’m working on a rhythm game, and need audio to be played at the exact time the notes start. Would I be correct in using AudioSource.PlayDelayed(time) to ensure that the audio starts at the correct time every time? I know audio is handled on separate threads, so I believe I’d read that delaying the audio will ensure that it starts at the correct time.

As for the coroutine question, I have implemented a load screen and would like to make sure I’m doing it the right way.

In my controller object, I have:


Inside of the Load() function, I have:

WWW song = new WWW("file:///" + Directory + "\\Song.ogg");
//I load the song at runtime so it's easier to add songs
while (!song.isDone)
    yield return null;
AudioSource.clip = song.GetAudioClip(false);

//Loads the notes

//Set up everything else

Invoke("StartSong", 1.5f);
//StartSong() pretty much just enables everything else that needs to be enabled for the notes        to scroll

It’s the same as long as your Load() function starts the audio at the same time as the visual. Just remember to time every note from the start of the song and not relative to each other, and you should be fine.