audio change object size

Is there anyway to take a audio beat and use it to change the size of a object, I just want to know and if there is a way how would one do it.


It all depends on what certain part of the audio you want to base the scaling - you could for example check the dB value:

audio.GetOutputData(samples, 0); // fill array with samples
float sum = 0f;
for (int i=0; i < qSamples; i++){
sum += samples_*samples*; // sum squared samples*_

rmsValue = Mathf.Sqrt(sum/qSamples); // rms = square root of average
dbValue = 20*Mathf.Log10(rmsValue/refValue); // calculate dB
if (dbValue < -160) dbValue = -160; // clamp it to -160dB min
Now, based on this, give a proper relation to the scale of an object.
Something like gameObject.transform.localScale = new Vector3(dbValue, dbValue, dbValue);