Audio disappers after Application.LoadLevel

As background music to my scene, I have an audio source with a 2d audio clip set up to “Play on Awake”.

It works great if I start in this scene.

However, if I start unity (or the built executable) in a different scene and transition to this scene via Application.LoadLevel(“MyScene”) then all the audio disappears - I don’t hear anything!

There is a single audio listener on the main camera, and I know it works since I hear the music when I start this scene directly in unity.

I’m not doing anything funky like DontDestroyOnLoad or LoadLevelAdditive.

To illustrate:

Start → Scene 1 (background music OK)

Start → Scene 0 (background music OK) → Scene 1 (music disappears!!)

I’d appreciate any pointers…

Thanks in advance!!

Farq The Orc

what !!!
no answer i’m going to cry

I am actually having the same issue.,I am actually having the same problem if that helps haha.