Audio filters/effects when Time.timeScale is at 0

Hi, I have a problem where audio effects don’t update when timescale is at 0. This behavior makes no sense as audio isn’t scaled by timeScale, so could this be a bug?

Simplified version of my setup:
I have a script that lerps to a lower number if a bool is true, and higher number if false. Meanwhile that same boolean controls timeScale, true = 0 false = 1.
This is a simple explanation of an audio effect of time slowing down that I want to have. Problem is that it seems that the low pass component only updates when one fixed update frame happens. So no matter what order I change time, as long as it doesn’t do at least 1 fixed up date, it will never reflect the changed value. I can’t lerp timeScale either as it would mess up many other features of my game.
My workaround is the use co-routines to change the lowpass filter settings, then wait one frame (yield return null) then set timescale to 0, which is a really horrible solution in my opinion.