Hi i have been doing some research and apparently there is a bug in 4.1 where this doesn’t work.

(audio source that has this to true will play through even if the listener is paused)

I was wondering if it does work in 4.1 or any version?

After some testing and replication, I found that there’s a small glitch in that system which requires you to disabled then re enable the audio source again. weird, it doesn’t mention that in the docs. you should probably submit a report on this one.

however the code below gets it working in the meantime. my guess is that it fails to detect changes to ignoreListenerPause when you set it, but pick it up when you enable it.

    public AudioSource a;
    	// Use this for initialization
    	void Start () {
            a = gameObject.GetComponent("AudioSource") as AudioSource;
            AudioListener.pause = true;
            a.ignoreListenerPause = true;
            a.enabled = false;
            a.enabled = true;