Audio is getting muted after changing the scene

Hi there,

After upgrading PolySpatial to 1.1.4 audio is completely muted whenever bounded volume scene (main menu) is changed to unbounded volume scene (level + arkit). Going back to the bounded volume scene (menu) makes audio system working. In unbounded scene (level) opening/closing control center also fixes the problem.

I don’t want to downgrade package; latest update fixes some particle rendering issues.
Now, I cannot submit my game to the Apple review because of this issue.
I tried all solutions in this forum but no luck :frowning:

Unity 2022.3.19f1
PolySpatial 1.1.4
visionOS 1.0.3
XCode 15.2



I’ve also been fighting with audio and the latest update (1.1.4) doesn’t fix it for me.
My game is bounded and the only to bring audio back is to close (minimize) app and open it again.

Not sure if your problem is the same but sounds like it! (pun-intended)
If you ever find a solution, please share!

Thanks for flagging this. Have you already submitted a bug ticket with a reproducible sample? This will help us to investigate better.

Yeah looks like they are related with the same issue. I haven’t found any solution yet, but I downgraded PolySpatial package to 1.0.3 to release my game. There is a bug with ParticleSystem within the 1.0.3 but it is not showstopper like audio problem. At least it was approved by AppStore today.

If I find a solution with the new version, of course I’ll share it.

Actually I hadn’t a time to prepare sample project. I was struggling to release my game. I’ll do it asap.

its not working for me even after downgrading to 1.0.3. any suggestion?

Use Unity 2022.3.23f1

Thanks a lot. it worked.