Audio listener to mono then to left or right speaker?

I have a vertical split screen game using two audio sources, I want to be able to convert the audio from each to mono and then output the Left players audio to the left speaker, and right player to right speaker.

Is this possible? (well any things possible, but in a reasonably simple way).

Possible, not necessarily simple though… You need to use the AudioSource’s pan and spread to control which speakers play the audio source, and the way I understand it, it has to do with the relative world locations of the AudioSource and AudioListener.

I suggest to start by reading this Unity knowledge article: Unity - Manual: Audio Source

And then this forum post:

Other than that google is your friend, and the keywords you’re interested in are “3D sound” and “pan” and “spread”, and “Unity3d” of course.

If you’re still looking for a solution, I’ve just released an asset for split screen games which can handle audio in multiple ways - one of which being the one you’re looking for. Even when the sound is 2D, it can still handle 3D-only settings like the doppler effect! You can check it out here: