Audio locked on App start. No head tracked audio. Often starts hard panned to left or right

I’ve noticed that audio is locked into position with builds. It sometimes comes out the left ear, other times the right. I occasionally get it working with both, but the audio isn’t moving with head tracking.


Yea, we’re seeing this too (in Unity 2022.3.18 and latest released plugin 1.0.3). Non-spatialized stereo content sounds left or right panned. Then it’s all downhill for spatialized content…

I had actually just made a repro project for this:

I’ll make a unity bug for this shortly…

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Unity bug for this is: IN-69513
Any help/workarounds much appreciated on this one!

I haven’t found one yet.

Can I get a link to the bug report? Struggling to find it.

Try this:

It’s currently marked as “In Review”

That URL says I need a Jira account and then denies me access.

oh sorry, not sure there’s much I can do, that might be how these bug reports work. I’ll update in this thread if I hear anything tho! (FYI it’s still “In Review”)

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@Rave-TZ1 - the bug is now “Confirmed” and has an internal Unity bug ID of: XRVOSB-22
Hopefully we’ll see a fix in an upcoming package release :slight_smile:

Fantastic. Thanks for the updates.

Hi there! I’ve taken a look at the bug report but unfortunately, I can’t reproduce the issue. I confirmed that the audio source in the scene is set to 2D, but when I make a build (Xcode 15.2, visionOS 1.0.3) and run it on device it works fine. I definitely hear the music coming from both ears. If I cover up my left ear I can hear the music in my right ear, and vice versa. I can even feel both speakers vibrating. It doesn’t change when I move my head–it always sounds equally loud from both ears.

I wonder if this is some sort of context-specific issue? Do you have any other apps running or perhaps a non-default system setting that could affect this behavior? Here’s a Swift project (it’s a mess, don’t judge me :stuck_out_tongue:) that launches directly into compositor services and has some music playing in the background. It’s not using FMOD like Unity, but I’m wondering if it produces the same behavior you’re seeing.

Another thing that could cause the issue is if you are using a Swift window or volume at any point. That has been known to “steal” the audio and make it sound like it’s coming from the window. But the repro project from @puddle_mike doesn’t have a window.

Thanks for taking a look. I wonder if the issue is specific to VisionOS 1.1 beta, which I may have upgraded to prior to discovering this bug (sorry for not mentioning it if that’s the issue!). I am going to update to the latest RC of beta 1.1 as well as the new Unity plugin release and take a look at my original repro and your test project. I’ll report back here!

Yeah, that’s possible. I have a different device on 1.1 which I can use to double-check. I don’t think I ran into this issue, but I may have had the audio source in 3D mode.

We are observing this issue as well. The audio in our app is only coming from one side, and different devs have observed different sides

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I just tried my repro project again with visionos plugin 1.1.4, device OS 1.1 RC1, Unity 2022.3.20, and XCode 15.2. Looks like its still happening, so maybe this is a new issue with 1.1?

So I tried on a device with 1.1 and I still can’t reproduce the bug. From another thread, I heard that maybe the issue only happens when you open the system menu or Control Center, but that doesn’t cause it, either. Both your bug project built out of 2022.3.18f1 and a fresh test project using 2022.3.20f1 and latest visionOS packages work fine on latest visionOS 1.1 beta. I hear the music equally loud in both ears regardless of where I’m looking, with or without the system menu open.

Are you able to share an Xcode project or TestFlight link of the final build? Maybe there’s something on my mac that’s different…

Here’s the Xcode project:

I can upload to TestFlight if it still doesn’t repro…

I hear the issue right away after launching the app, either from Xcode or directly from the device. I will note that earlier I did hear it sound correct once earlier today, before rebuilding and hearing the bug again. I think I reset my headset as well… Not sure if there something else related there or if it was a fluke…

I still can’t replicate the issue. I’ve tried messing around with settings and launching the app multiple times. I’ll keep messing around but I’m starting to think this is just a platform bug. Have you tried the metaltest project I shared? Does that ever present the monoscopic audio issue?

So… I can get this to happen if I go into audio accessibility settings and pan the audio all the way to the left. I assume you didn’t do this on purpose, but can you check that setting? If you play around with that slider, does it bring back the right speaker?

I’m having this same bug but in a volume bounded app, the audio panning in the headset does not match where the app is in 3D space at all