Audio Mixer - Exposing VU levels?


I'm loving the new audio mixer, but am having trouble getting the actual live levels from the audio mixer groups. None of the exposable parameters on the effects seem to cover this and I need to be able to access the levels from a script. Can anyone help?


Hi, do you mean that you need to make code reference to the audiomixer or is it you need to use the same audiomixer in every level???

I mean I need the volume on a specific mixer channel i.e. the VU level represented by the green bars visible on the Attenuation effect. I can expose the volume parameter on attenuation but that doesn't represent the live gain.


Have you looked at exposing the volume parameter of the attenuation effect on the group you're trying to work with to scripting and calling GetFloat on it? I believe this will do what you are looking to do. Look in the Scripting API at Audio.AudioMixer.GetFloat for more info.

Just re-read this and talked to one of our engineers, aside from reading the exposed parameter value you can not actually meter the current live gain of a group via script in this release. It's something that the audio guys are working on and hope to include in a future update, but as of now there's no timeline for that.


Okay, thanks for getting back to me. Will just cross my fingers and wait.