Audio MUTE on VideoPlayer on iOS build

In using the new VideoPlayer, we are getting good audio playback of our videos in Editor, but they are totally mute on the ios build.
Just wondering if this is a common issue. The documentation doesnt say anything about a bug related to this.

If we call a log on VideoPlayer.IsAudioTrackEnabled and VideoPlayer.controlledAudioTrackCount, everything shows up fine, with Enabled and 1 track.

Using Direct audio playback. We tried both a URL source from streaming assets, and an imported clip. Both mute.

Hello, did you find a solution? I'm having the very same problem on iOS builds.

This was a while ago, but I think it was an issue that if the phone was muted, you still expect it to play sound for a video app, but the video player didnt do this. As per apple guidelines, a user generally wants to hear sound on a video app, like youtube.

Unity, given its gaming roots, mutes all sound if that switch is on mute. So if your app fits the category listed in the guidelines (like a video app), then you can search around for "unity override ios mute" to find a way to fix that.