Audio Not playing in Unity at all. [SOLVED]

Hello all,
Question, I am trying to get audio to play and nothing seems to work anymore. I can't get it to play in the editor or even after I do a build for windows, haven't tried a mobile build because the game is intended for standalone, any help is appreciated, I have audio downloaded from the unity store and it plays in windows player with no problem and I have sound coming out of my speakers, but not for unity, I have windows 10 of course, any suggestions?

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Which version of Unity are you using?

Hi tmanallen, does preview playback of sounds work in the editor? And do you by any chance have a lowpass filter on the gameobject with the AudioListener whose frequency is set to 0 Hz? This turned out to be the cause of the issue on the other thread:


Hi janm
I have to try that, but it doesn’t play in the preview at all though.

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Yeh I asked you which version of Unity you use? so sorry but you not understanding that its to do with Unity versions here.

Sorry, I didn’t see your reply, it didn’t show up when I first replied, 5.3.5f1.

So your saying I need to get an updated version of unity, it’s not that I didn’t understand, I just never saw you questions, my apologies.


I'm using 5.3.5f and I'm not having any issues. What OS are you using? Can you try creating a new project and seeing if audio works in it. This will at least rule out a problem with your project.

I have tried that also, still not know what I am doing wrong, I have downloaded the audio from the asset store also to make sure the format was correct. I have windows 10 OS also.

Same OS as I have. Are sounds playing Ok in other applications?

Do you see any mention of FMOD initialization errors in the Unity Editor.log file? (c:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Unity\Editor\Editor.log) If so, does it help changing the sample rate of your sound card?

Yes they are, I can run the same sounds on anything else.

This is what I have in my editor.log Audio: FMOD Profiler initialized on port 54900

Don't know what happened, but for some reason, Unity started out as muted on my desktop. I went to check my mixer and for some reason under unity it said mute, thanks everyone for the ideas and suggestions.


Edit -> Projects Settings -> Audio -> Check that "Global Volume" is not equal to 0.

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Is there any reason why audio is not streaming at all?
I am trying to solve it.

It began when I was working with demo scenes, like Weather Manager.
My games are all daydream.
I have re-downloaded fresh versions of Unity 2017 LTS and 2018 8,7 and 4.
All of them have no unity audio.

I am only using standard assets and standard scenes .
Still nothing.

My drivers are fine.
This does not make sense.
Where is the problem source from? How can I fix it?

3690823--303907--audiomanager settings.PNG
3690928--303937--Audio settings.PNG

I have the same issue. The audio toggle is getting greyed out as soon as I press play. When I make a build it works as it should.


I test audio without scripts, just the basic method dragging and dropping audio file, and the audio file (.mp3 or .wav) only in the scene, last unity version, but in play mode, audio cannot be listened, laptop audio is fine, but not at unity. This despite doing the same thing or procedure in several videos or references. I make the same questions: Where is the problem source from? How can I fix it?


I have the same problem. BUT when I export everything as an *.exe file everything works fine. So for me it seems to be an bug?!?

Yes, the

Yes, the export will workfine. It is independent of the historic platform.