Audio only playing after minimizing and opening the app again

Like the title says, the audio on my game only plays after the app is minimized and then opened again.
I’ve seen the opposite issue described here (audio not playing after coming back to the app), so it’s really weird that I’m getting the opposite issue.
Any hints?


This issue is preventing me from releasing an update to the game. Any hints would be appreciated!

Hey just saw this. Had the same problem, I set the audio settings to Mono and this fixed it for us. Not ideal but better than no audio :smiley:

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We were having this issue intermittently. I’m not entirely sure what the underlying cause is, but it’s something to do with Unity initializing its audio engine too early in the process of the app gaining focus from VisionOS. For us it seemed to be linked to calling Microphone.Start() too early. I added in a short delay (0.5 seconds) before doing anything related to audio after a scene load and I haven’t seen the issue re-emerge since.

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Use Unity 2022.3.23f1. Audio mute issue is resolved in this version.

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Seems like Unity broke the visionOS build somewhere between 2022.3.24f1 and 2022.3.25f1. 2022.3.28f1 is also totally broken. See this thread as well: Unable to start recording on microphone