Audio only playing from right ear speaker in Vision Pro build

I tried this (setting the config on the settings to match the one in the scene on volume camera) and it’s still not tracking audio correctly.

I also removed AR session however removing the plugin in package manager seems impossible due to dependencies.

I am also running into a new, seemingly related problem, where if I swap the volume config during runtime (I have to change the volume size for a new mode in my game) audio stops working completely, upon switching back to the original volume it works again

EDIT: fixed this issue by calling AudioSettings.Reset(AudioSettings.GetConfiguration()); after the volume change, but it can’t be the same frame, so I set a timer in the update loop to call it after half a second, what a freakin hack

This is a known issue that is being worked on. I think it relates to a lot of the other issues in that there is some weird lifecycle behavior going on that is causing Unity audio to stop and not restart. In this case in particular, it stops when the first volume goes out of scope but doesn’t receive any system lifecycle events until the original volume comes back. I don’t yet have an answer for this or a fix. Just making sure you know that we are looking into it and that your hack with manual management, at this time, is probably the best way around this issue for now.

Sorry for the confusion, I was just suggesting you uncheck the box for the XR loader in XR Management settings, like this:

To be clear, this won’t do anything for your audio issue. It just removes some extra steps when Unity starts up to set up ARKit which you don’t appear to be using.

ok, is there any fix for the audio spatialization not working correctly? You were able to repro the issue right? I tried matching the config in volume camera and polyspatial settings to no avail

I was able to replicate the issue in your project at first, but now that I’ve sync’ed the volume configuration, it’s been working for me, even if I stop and start it multiple times. I’ll keep poking at this, but I’m honestly at a loss for why this (or the seemingly related issue with VR apps) is happening.

Maybe try downgrading to PolySpatial 1.0.3? I still can’t think of why this would make a difference, but some users are reporting that audio was working better for them before upgrading the package.

Hey there! Just to make the connection, we finally found a workaround that seems to be working for folks seeing this issue in VR builds. I don’t think AVAudioSessionSpatialExperienceBypassed is actually the preferred experience for MR apps, but maybe calling this API with another option like the default AVAudioSessionSpatialExperienceHeadTracked will “kick” the system into resetting spatial audio when the app launches? We’ll have to play around with this on the MR side. It sucks that the issue is so hard to reproduce. If you want to try this on your end (you can just modify the code in the Xcode project) and report your findings, that would be a huge help.