Audio playing at hightspeed and simoultanesly various times!

i call my waw audio with a bool but when it starts playing it goes too fast and there are same audios playing in the same time fast i dont know how to fix this.
i use an audio source and a script to call the audiosource.

Audio Source components have a “Pitch” setting that adjust how fast/slow they play. You can adjust it in the inspector or access it with a script.

AudioSource myAudioSource;
public float startingPitch = 1.0f;

void Start()
    myAudioSource = GetComponent<AudioSource>();
    myAudioSource.pitch = startingPitch;

If the same sound is playing more than once at the same time you probably…

  • Have duplicate AudioSources on one gameObject
  • Have more than one gameObject with AudioSources and the same clip loaded on both of them.

1 AudioSource can only play 1 clip/sound at a time so you must have more than 1 AudioSource somewhere…