Audio Playing even when the app is closed

Hey guys,

Basically, I’m making an app that’s basically a cool music visualizer, but also works as a player. I want it so that the user can multi task and use many apps or lock their phone, but still be able to hear their music playing. I’m building this for android.

There are three applications that I know of that can do this - the stock Android music app, Songza, and ListenOnRepeat. What I noticed is that they all had in common was that they had a irremovable notification in the notification bar. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume theyre using services.

Is there a way to do this in Unity? If so, how would I go about making and playing that service?

Thanks in advance!


We stop audio output when Unity is paused - so I don’t think there is a out-of-box way to implement your idea.

And your guess about the services seems correct. A simple activity, when not in focus, can be destroyed by the OS if it decides to. So it’s worth digging this way.


About what you are trying to do, I suggest making an Android plugin for Unity3D.

It’s about accessing the MediaPlayer (or SoundPool in my experience) to bypass Unity’s audio engine.

Like @NaRango4 says, if you try to build an Android App, you’d know what you need.

Eclipse maybe outdated with Android Studio available but it’s what I use to create plugins.

This can get you started:

Good luck!