Audio Problem in windows 10

I have a scene with some 20 audio sources,
On my windows 8.1 machine all of the audio sources play properly,

then when i move the project, to the windows 10 machine (in a different country from me)

about half of the audio sources are playing at 10-20% of the volume needed, and changing the fadeout/dropoff, volume, etc, is making no significant difference.

I need a solution fairly quickly, as the project is being user tested at SXSW tomorrow. It seems to work on all machines, except the demo machine (windows 10)

thank y’all so much

Did you get a solution?

I am finding the SAME thing and this time, I used my mixers to prove it was generating sound through Unity - even though it was not audible whatsoever on Windows 10.

That makes no sense.
Frustrating .