Audio problems, how to turn up and down specifik audio sources?

So in having problems with audio, I want it to be so that when i click a button the sounds starts and it keep looping since it is suppose to be music, that is easy, but im having a hard time turning off the music when i click another button, because i want to turn off a specifik piece of audio not all of the audio in my game. Please ask if you want to know more about the problem :slight_smile:

I code in C# but i can translate JavaScript if needed.

ok, first you find the audio sources this can be done with


then just disable/enable it and adjust the volume. with

mySoundSource.enable = false


mySoundSource.volume = 0.2;

you can also use Stop() and Pause()

if an audio source is attached to the same gameobject as you script you can reference it with


hope it helps