Audio Source being heard from across the level?

For some reason no matter how small i set the Max Distance, its audio source will play wherever i am throughout the level. For example…

Point A is really far away from Point B
Point B has a water noise that can be heard at Point A.

Below is a screenshot of my inspector. Im new at Unity so if its something obvious please point it out to me. I cannot find out why its doing this.

I think I’ve figured it out. Under #D Sound Settings, Change Spatial Blend to only be 3D. I know this is an old thread, but I figured I would just offer the info.

The red line you have, is the volume okay?

The volume of your water is at 100% at a distance of 2 …

From then on, it starts to decrease to a MINIMUM of 50%, so no matter where you are after a distance of 5, you will always hear the volume at 50%

The red line needs to eventually reach 0% (drag it all the way to the bottom), when its at 0%, then you wont be able to hear it.

Update for Unity 5.2 on this one (I Know its an old post).

You don’t need to change the Volume Rolloff.
So you only hear something when you approach audio source, add the audio listener only to the player camera, not the main camera. (don’t make the main camera a child of player).

  • Turn priority down to 127
  • Volume to 0.5
  • leave Stereo Pan at 0.
  • Change Spatial Blend to 1 (3D)
  • Doppler 1
  • Volume Rolloff to default Logarithmic
  • Min Distance 1:
  • Max Distance to 5 (unless you want to hear it a bit further away)

If this is still having issues, go to the sound file itself (wav/mp4)

  • Check Force to Mono Check Normalize
  • Uncheck Load In Background if its Checked
  • Check Preload Audio Data if its Unchecked.
  • Change Load type to streaming.,
  • compression format to Vorbis
  • Quality to 100
  • and set Sample Rate Setting to Optimize Sample Rate.

Sometimes these are set correctly in their default from Import, but in some cases to work properly with the audio source in a realistic sense you have to make these adjustments manually.

As to why I say not to attach the main camera to the player and take the audio listener off of it is

1: If you kill your player, you loose game view. Its better to just use the main Camera for UI elements.

2: With the audio on the player cam, the cam acts like both your eyes and ears.

Just a side note how to set your Player Camera view better ad it wont affect the sound settings.

To eliminate another Unrealistic view issue like places in a distance not showing correctly or “bleeding into view scene,” go to the part that says Clipping Plane and leave the Near to the default 0.3 but crank up the Far to 6000. Other wise things will look like they are vanishing into the Skybox. If you want a sort of faded out distance effect, toy with the Fog settings instead.

This is very old thread however the solution is:

  • Change Audio settings: “Spacial blend” to 3D value 1.

  • Change Audio settings: “3D sounds settings” => “volume Rolloff” to Linear Rolloff

(make sure in the end of Max distance the curve drops to “zero/0” because if it drops to 0.3 it will remain at 0.3 to infinity)

I had the same problem a while ago. The only way I managed to “solve” it, was to use a Linear Roloff instead of a Logaritmic one. It’s not reallistic, but solved it while I look for a more definitive solution. See if this answer suit your needs.

My problem was the format of the audio, it was .ogg and i converted to .wav, it worked perfectly