Audio track preview in timeline?

Hello, loving the new timeline features.

Should I be able to hear an audio track when preview playing the sequence in edit mode? I created a totally default mixer/group and it works fine when I enter play mode, I just dont hear any sounds when pressing play in the timeline window. No console errors or any other glitches.

To add a twist, I'm using the older 5.6.0 beta timeline build, rather than the new 2017.1 timeline preview build. Is audible preview a feature in 2017 and not 5.6?

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I just installed the 2017 beta and have the same "problem". The audio preview feature is absolutely necessary, please help.

Audio only works when you go in to Play Mode, the timeline window preview does not play audio.

Good to know that it really works like that. However, audio in preview mode is absolutely necessary.


Would be ideal to have audio in the Timeline preview window. Thanks


Hey! If I add audio clips in Play Mode I'm unable to hear them playing until I restart the Play Mode. Is it an intended behaviour as well?

Also is it planned to add the ability to change volume / pan / pitch of audio tracks? Right now I can, of course, add the the game object with the audio source component to the timeline and animate it's properties with record button on separate track. But it really feels like a workaround but not the solution.

Thank you for your time!

P.S. Plus one vote for hearing the audio playback in the Edit Mode.

If I mute audio track while in Play Mode it also doesn't do anything, the audio will play until I restart the Play Mode. It would be an underestimate to say it is inconvinient

This is indeed an issue, I opened a bug in our system for that. Here is the id for future reference: #930254

Another one, could be related but I want to make sure theses two issues are verified separately theses doesn't seem to be only happening with audio tracks too. here is the ID for that one #930268

thanks for reporting these issues!

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I made a custom playable in order to solve that (doing a playable to show subtitles) but i cannot figure out how to adapt playable duration to AudioClip lenght.
Can someone help me?


I met another problem. If I want to change a volume of the audio track, I'm adding the gameobject with audiosource as an animation track and animate it's volume. It works well. But when I try to change pitch of audio source, it doesn't affect the actual pitch of the track. I mean even with crazy pitch values like 0 or 100 there's no changes in the sound. Does anyone have a clue how to defeat this problem?


I was sort of shocked to find out that Timeline cannot play audio in the Editor and that Play Mode is required to hear the audio clips- Has anyone created a script or technique to get editor audio playback with Timeline? Thx

It would be great if the timeline preview played audio, but an (easier?) stop-gap feature would be to at least render the waveform in the timeline (maybe in a foldout, under the bar). You can synchronize a lot of edits to the waveform.

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Sorry, right now it is not possible to hear audio outside the playmode, but it's definitely something on the roadmap for audio tracks. The waveform feature is actually available and working in 2017.2 but won't and can't be backported to 2017.1 unfortunately.

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Happy to hear waveform is in 2017.2. Thanks!

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I am syncing actions to a pre-recorded speech. One of the benefits of Timeline is the instant preview capacity, and if I can't hear the sound in the preview I cannot sync and co-ordinate the speech actions easily.

In my game a character is pre-recorded to say "Let me show you your magic wand There you can see it by my right hand"

I need to coordinate showing the Wand Gameobject somewhere between wand and . This would be easy to do if audio played in Preview and is currently frustrating to enter playmode to kinda half do it.

So I vote for audio in preview.

You can press play, then scrub the timeline!

Anyone know how to adjust audio volume using timeline?

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I'm wondering about the same thing.
If you play your audio from a gameobject, you can't set speed of a sound (only pitch). That is a great timeline feature. But when you play audio from timeline, you can't set audio volume. It's annoying!


Great job, but unfortunately useless for me till it doesn't work with built app :/