Audio weird echo repeating issue Unity 4.6


Im having a bit of an issue with playing a one shot sound in Unity 4.6.
When you get the best time in my level is sets a variable int to 1, usually its 0, its starts at 0, its always 0 until i you get a best time.

scripting I’m sure is fine. when the var clicks to 1 unity is supposed to play a sound. a simple bell sound. just a little congratulations to say “hey well done you got the best time out of everyone”
BUT, rather than going TING

like an idiot.

I’ve got the doppler set to 0. the old sound graph is set properly. I even getcomponented it to a game object right where the player object is to see if that was the issue (it was originally set to a UI text).

anyone else had this issue? what am i doing wrong?

please kill me

Once you play the tune you need to switch off whatever has activated it so you don’t play it a thousand times over. Think that’s what your problem is.