Audio will not play out of speakers


So after I built my new PC i’ve been running into this issue where my game music and sound will simply not play through my speakers, yet they play fine when I’m using my headset or even the in-built speakers of the monitor, which aren’t the best quality.

I’ve tried looking for answers on the forums, changing the audio preferences under Edit > Preferences > Audio but to no avail. I know its not the mute button because it’s working elsewhere. Have I missed something here? Any help is appreciated,


@Delvarn I had the same issue. Editing a game called Ruby’s Adventure from the Unity tutorials. The sound can play from my headphones, but it doesn’t play from my speakers. I couldn’t solve this problem and couldn’t find any answers on the web either. Perhaps it has something to do with how Unity is affected by different audio output devices on Windows 10. Hoping someone will read this and have an answer in the future.

I’ve also got this exact same issue.

Built a mobile game in Unity and the audio will work on bluetooth and headphones, but not the phone’s actual speakers. It’s so weird. Samsung Note 3. But when I load the app on other phones (Samsung S7) the audio does work on speakers?!?

I’ve been trying to solve this for a month now. So frustrating!