audioclip repeat randomly

Hi everyone, i’m trying to create a script where if you touch a gui.Button, an audioclip plays randomly, for instance, if you touch the button, the audioclip plays four times, if you touch it again, the audioclip plays twice and so on. can you help me, please?

this is what i have, but it doesn’t work :frowning: .

private int rdn;
public bool showButton=true;

void OnGUI(){

if (showButton) {

if (GUI.Button (new Rect (Screen.width / 2, Screen.height / 2, 60, 60), “PLAY”)) {

  rdn = Random.Range (1, 5);

for (int i=0; i<rdn; i++) {


   Debug.Log("repeate: "+rdn);




Its very easy to do.Just play the clip.wait till it finishes and repeat the procedure again until it reaches the repeat count.You can use a coroutine for this.Here is an example

	//The Audioclip which we are playing
	public AudioClip Clip;
	//The AudioSource to which we are playing
	private AudioSource Source;

	void Start()
		//Add the audiosource
		Source=gameObject.AddComponent<AudioSource> ();

	void OnGUI()
		//If the button is pressed
		if(GUI.Button(new Rect(10,10,70,30),"Play"))
			//Stop currently playing audio
			//You can also stop the courutine here

			//Start th coroutine with a random repeat range

	//The coroutine in which we play our audio clip
	IEnumerator PlaySoundClip(int RepeatCount)
		//Log out how many times we are going to play the clip
		Debug.Log (RepeatCount);

		//Loop until the repeat count
		for(int i=0;i<RepeatCount;i++)
			//Play the audioclip as oneshot

			//Wait until the clip has been finished playing
			yield return new WaitForSeconds(Clip.length);

Hop this helps…